Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Focus on Ferger Place: Chattanooga's Historic Neighborhoods

You may have already read my overview post on Chattanooga's historic neighborhoods. Now I'd like to take the time to look at a few neighborhoods in depth, beginning with Ferger Place.

Ferger Place is made up of only two main streets: Morningside Drive & Eveningside Drive and has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1980. Ferger Place was one of the earliest examples of urban planning, even though, at the time it was built, the neighborhood was relatively rural.

Ferger Place was originally designed by Ferger Brothers Real Estate and most of the structures are good examples of bungalow or Craftsman style architecture. The term "bungalow" can be misconstrued to mean that the homes are smaller than average. Nothing could be further from the truth with regard to Ferger Place. Most Ferger Place homes are in the 2000-3000 square foot range. Certainly not a small home even in today's term and definitely grand for the period.

The small, pleasant neighborhood was in a relatively rural area upon being developed as the city’s first “restricted private park.” Surrounded by numerous farms, the entrance columns were erected with gates in order to keep farm animals from wandering into the area, making it one of Chattanooga's first gated communities. When entering Ferger Place today, one is still required to pass through the same stone, shingled-top entrance posts, just as people did back in 1910.

This community has, unfortunately, not been untouched by decay and many of the homes fell into disrepair over the course of the neighborhood's 100 years. Today, many of the structures have been lovingly restored to their former glory while understanding the needs of today's families. Click here for a list of properties currently available within Ferger Place.

Some information taken from Ferger Design.

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