Monday, May 18, 2009

Flat Fee or Limited Service Listings

With the downturn in the economy in general and housing in particular, many sellers are understandably looking for creative ways to maximize the cash they will net from the sale of their home. Many find themselves considering a "For Sale by Owner," or FSBO. The problem with this approach is that the vast majority of buyers search online or through buyer's agents when looking for a new home. While there are many services that will publish FSBO's to a website, the fragmentation of the different sites means that your potential buyer is trying to find a needle in the proverbial haystack. Buyer's agents, when looking for homes for their clients, rarely search FSBO's unless they have personally seen a home that meets that client's needs. Smart sellers realize that the fastest and easiest way to sell their home (often for the highest price) means a listing on the local multiple listing service (MLS) and the assistance of a buyer's agent.

How can an experienced seller capitalize on their own expertise? One way is through so called "flat fee," "limited service," or discount listings. The most accurate of these terms is "limited service." You truly get what you pay for and the services provided by the typical listing broker certainly has its place. However, for the homeowner or investor who has experience with the selling process and doesn't necessarily need those services, paying a flat fee instead of a seller's agent commission in order to have their home placed in the local MLS may be the best and most cost effective option.

Even though we are a locally owned Chattanooga/NW Georgia area full service real estate brokerage, we recognize that some sellers want more options than all or nothing. Click here for more information including pricing and services offered. Click here to find out why a discount listing through Julia Odom & Southern Style Realty is preferable to choosing an out of town internet based company.

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